Most Preferred Dessert Recipes in Turkey! Moreover, It Is Very Easy To Make And Delicious

Published on 20 Eylül 2021 by


For its sherbet;

3 cups of granulated sugar (540 grams).
3.5 cups of water (700 ml).
1 teaspoon of lemon juice (2 ml).

For dough;

Half a pack of margarine (125 grams).
Half a glass of oil (100 ml).
1 egg.
Half a cup of yogurt (120 grams).
1 tablespoon of vinegar (8 ml).
1 cup of semolina (150 grams).
3.5 cups flour (420 grams).
1 pack of vanilla sugar (5 grams).
Half a pack of baking powder (5 grams).

For the filling;

1.5 cups finely crushed walnuts (150 grams).


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